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Our Dear Buyers

Discover the benefits of owning a home.

Florida Real Estate Properties wants to help you, the fact that you are looking on this site probably means that you are thinking about buying your dream home or selling your current one.  We are glad that you have chosen our site.  You are taking an important step in realizing your dream that many Americans have.  There are many advantages of homeownership.  You can have stability and a place to call your own. There are also tax benefits to owning your own home.  Your mortgage payments will be like an investment. Over time you will accumulate equity that can be utilized in the future.   Owning your own home gives you control over your environment. You can have pets and make changes to your home to suit yourself.

  1. Prepare for homeownership- sign up for the first-time homebuyer’s class.
  2. Determine how much you are willing to spend on your dream home remembering to consider your other monthly obligations. 
  3. Get your loan pre-approved by your Mortgage Lender. Here is where you learn exactly  how much you can afford to spend on your dream home.
  4. Decide what kind and what type of home you want.  Keep note of the features you desire in your home based on your family size.
  5. Florida Real Estate Properties, LLC will help you shop for your home.  We are trained and will take you to see homes you think will interest you based on your wants and needs.
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